A very Selfie (stick) Xmas

2014: Pink table

In a small house populated by three girls we ended up with three selfie sticks. It was a ridiculous and amazing Christmas and while I’m sure they were probably joke gifts? I will be using mine assiduously.

My selfie stick was a big hit

My selfie stick was a big hit

(though, honestly, I’m pretty excited to have it for travelling)

My selfie stick was a big hit

As a side note, I’m thinking perhaps I either need to dye my hair blonde or shave it all off to fit in with my family.

Pavlova with Turkish Delight and Raspberrie and Pistachios

This year I made a pavlova topped with tinged-pink cream, raspberries, pistachios, and turkish delight.

2014: Pink table


There ain’t no party like Jayne’s 21st party ….

Last week, last week my youngest sister turned 21.
In New Zealand, nothing much happens when you turn 21. You’ve been able to buy booze and vote for three years already, and it’s three more until your parents income doesn’t mean anything on your student allowance. Yet, somehow, in New Zealand we still celebrate turning 21 with a big flashy party.

Family, friends, speeches, bubbles, an amazing mash-up of The Cure and Snoop Dogg. Jayne’s party was pretty excellent.

Mirror behind the bar

Jayne and Nicki


Instax on the willow tree

Charlotte waiting to be served

DJ setting up

Jayne inspecting her photo book

Jayne and the Birthday cake

Jayne and the Birthday cake

But my favourite set of photos is from when Charlotte started her present to Jayne playing – a 7 inch vinyl of one of our go-to car sing-a-long songs.

Charlotte starts Melanie Safka playing for Jayne

Charlotte starts Melanie Safka playing for Jayne

Charlotte starts Melanie Safka playing for Jayne

Charlotte starts Melanie Safka playing for Jayne

And then I put my camera down and joined my sisters in a full-throated rendition of Brand New Key by Melanie Safka

366 in 2012?

Oh Darling 365

Oh how I did not want to start my fifth (FIFTH!) year of taking a photo every-damn-day* by posting a day late. But I am sleepy. So very sleepy.

The past three days have been somewhat hectic. 

My lovely family travelled to Napier for my oldest** friend’s New Zealand wedding reception***. A round trip of 770km punctuated with minigolf, swimming pools, brunch, a farmers market, and of course a night of drinking and dancing. 

 Just outside Hastings
 .@craigburke lining up his shot
Almost bought a fuzzy white turban
Day 7: favourite (colour, jewellery, tattoo) #janphotoaday #photoaday At an NZ/Japanese wedding reception
Pretty sisters. @jayne_iris & Charlotte <3
Day 8: Sky Windmills in the mist

wind farm / sunny Hawkes Bay / Pania of the reef / Craig lines up his shot / I almost bought a fuzzy white turban / I wore lavender / Kenjiro & his family barely speak English / pretty sisters / I was quite drunk / rainy Hawkes Bay / windfarm

But tomorrow! Tomorrow I will post the first week of 2012.

* in 2008 I only took 23 photos before giving up. In 2009 I missed one day (agony!). In 2010 & 2011 I took the full 365. This year I get to take 366.

** the story is thus: when I was two (three?) years old my family moved into a little house. Another family was moving in right next door. Each family had a Ford Laser. All parents were high school teachers. Each family had a daughter of few years and the name Sara(h). The stuff that, if not legends, lifelong family friendships are made of.

*** her husband is Japanese, they live in Japan and had their wedding there last April. Now she’s five months pregnant! But she still got back into that beautiful dress. It was just laced a lot looser. 

A discussion of Zombie Ants, between Sisters, in Haiku

Zombie Ants

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Control Alt Delete
Four-Oh-Four: Page is Not Found
Reboot and Start Anew

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Creepy zombie ants
stalked through my dreams all last night
perhaps we are next?

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Ants have very few
Organisational skills
I’m not worried … much

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

While a fungal head
dress might be rather fetching
where would they send me?

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

This vegetation
Dreams of other rainforests
Of seeing the world

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Selfish fungal growth
swears it wants to see the world
instead spreads only spores

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Strong insectacide
I am ready for battle
The ants will not win.

If I don’t come home
Tell my mother I love her
I will die fighting

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Take tiny axes
to stop their zombie advance.
Make it out alive?

We will honor your death
burnt on a funeral pyre
lit by cans of raid

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Dastardly fungus
We will hold back the zombie
hordes. Its us or them.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte>

You and I will fight.
Just, do not tell Mother as
she hates chemicals.

She would rather play
host to thousands of fungi
her heart is too kind

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

A kind heart is good
soil for mind control fungus.
Others will fall too.

What of the others?
The public must know of this
We must warn John Key.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

I will put it on
the internet. It will spread
like mad, or Zombies!

Perhaps the inter
net is our strain of fungus.
We are all so screwed

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

Operating systems
Have ulterior motives
There is no escape

Are ants a decoy?
Have we been distracted from
The evils in our midst?

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

I think ants are not
a decoy. I do not like
their swarming ways.

They control us as
evil hive mind internet.
Bees may control all.

Their honey and dance
act only to distract us.
I do not trust them.

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

You have descended
Into wild speculations
Bees are innocent

Consider again
The apparently harmless

What was Ed Levri
Doing in that rainforest
really? Tell me that.

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Perhaps I am just
paranoid. My own fungi.
I caught it from Mum.

From: Charlotte
To: Sarah-Rose

A tenacious weed. Are you
sure thats all it is?

From: Sarah-Rose
To: Charlotte

Don’t feed my crazy.
Perhaps I will kill you first
or find that fungi …

Zombie Ants 2

Funny thing was? I was REALLY busy today.

My sister Charlotte tends to send me off kilter birthday cards

the day of my daughter's wedding .... or of her sister's birthday

This year? even from London she managed it

eeeeee card

Anyone would think we were related.

Edited to add:
Both my husband and baby baby sister bought me plates from the darling Trixie Delicious (Mutant and Bitch. Photos to follow!) for my birthday.
Perhaps I’m just predictable? Sigh.

Framed with a heart

Mum Grinning

It’s Mother’s Day in New Zealand & we’re taking Mummy-Dear out to lunch.
Even though she loves her online daughters more*.

* She doesn’t really**.

** Well, perhaps she does wish that we would have our adult search filter set to medium in real life more often.