365 in 2013

365 in 2013

(two weeks worth because I am the worst)

Sunday: sisters
Charlotte, Jayne, and I all caught public transport out to the Hutt Valley.

Monday: that is not plastic
Plastic? That is not plastic.

Tuesday: winter is coming
Winter is Coming.

Wednesday: signing my new contract
I have a new job! I still don’t talk about it online! But I have a new job!

Thursday: a terrible day assuaged by drinks with friends
I’d had a no good very bad day so I went to drinks in order to get my grump out all over more people than just Craig.

Friday: apocalypse skies in the morning
Apocalyptic dawn on Taranaki Street.

Saturday: beerz & burgers & bowling
Craig getting, probably, another strike. We went out for beers, bowling, and burgers.

Sunday: Wellington graffiti
Graffiti? Mural on Dunlop Terrace.

Monday: beginnings of rainbow cake
Starting the first layer of the rainbow cake I made for the Marriage Equality debate.

Tuesday: rain. Again.
Heading home in the rain.

Wednesday: 77:44 Marriage Equality Cake
A rainbow cake for our Marriage Equality debate watching celebration. So gay.

Thursday: 77:44 Marriage Equality Newspapers
So pleased.

Friday: flying into Rotorua
Flying into Rotorua. Teeniest plane ever.

Saturday: Lake Okareka is so pretty
Lake Okareka in Rotorua is just beautiful. Such a fan.


History was made, 77 to 44

77:44 Marriage Equality

77:44 Marriage Equality

77:44 Marriage Equality

Last night the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill passed in the House.

Life has been absolutely exhausting recently and I can barely string the words together to explicate how much the passing of this Bill means to me. A lot of what has been exhausting me has been working towards the passing of this Bill.
I’m so proud. And exhausted. And grateful.

“Finally, a message to all LGBTI—and I finally got that out. My message to you all is welcome to the mainstream. Do well. Kia ora.” Tau Henare

Coming Out//80 to 40//Almost Equal is Almost Bullshit//Recommends by a Majority that it be Passed

365 in 2013

365 in 2013

I am currently sitting silent, communicating with Craig through exaggerated expressions and notes written on my iPhone. I’ve managed to break my voice.

Saturday: St Patrick's Day tattoo from Craigy Lee at ALC Speakeasy Tattoo
Craigy Lee at ALC Speakeasy did flash tattoos for St Patrick’s day. A wee spot of good luck on my ankle.

Monday: a dinosaur planter given a pretty plant and silver paint
I bought a wee dinosaur planter. He was in a bright bright blue colour that wasn’t quite my style. I rather like the silver makeover I gave him.

Tuesday: a special delivery of Marmite! I had missed it so.
Deliveries spread* around the complex and it was ever so exciting. We each got a wee pottle of Marmite hours before it was on sale to the general public.

Wednesday: headed to the supermarket for cold medication. Praying for a miracle.
Admitting that maybe, just maybe, I was coming down with a cold I trekked to the supermarket.

Thursday: sick day
And then a sick-day. Bed, terrible crime shows, and Things and Ink magazine.

Friday: I should have gone straight home after work
I really should have gone straight home after work. I had one glass of wine and it hit me like a truck. I went to bed and slept for twelve hours.

Saturday: cider and custard square
Kim and I went to watch Laura get her nose pierced. We then retired to Meow for a beer. I also had a custard square and it was an excellent decision.

* pun wholeheartedly intended.

LOST BiRD and The Concerned Residents

On Monday night Craig & I headed to the Botanic Gardens with a few friends for a picnic and to listen to some music. See, Wellington has this thing where in summer local bands perform in the gardens. For free. And you can take a picnic blanket and food and booze and just have the loveliest time.

This night we saw LOST BiRD and The Concerned Residents.

It was a deliberate decision to attend, our flatmate and good friend is in The Concerned Residents and it was their first proper gig. Very exciting. Thankfully their opening act, LOST BiRD (aka Ali Whitton) was also delightful and endearing.

Ali Whitton aka Lost Bird was endearing

Lost Bird (Ali Whitton) from Sarah-Rose Burke on Vimeo.

Ali Whitton aka Lost Bird

The Concerned Residents & their enthusiastic posse
The Concerned Residents quickly gained a small crowd of small dancers. They made up for it with enthusiasm.

Ever the photographer

The Concerned Residents from Sarah-Rose Burke on Vimeo.

Chris & the Melodica

The Concerned Residents

The Concerned Residents

Finale (?) of The Concerned Residents from Sarah-Rose Burke on Vimeo.

this dude LOVED The Concerned Residents

They also have light installations up in the gardens so after the show we went for a little wander …

Loved seeing the botans all lit up

Lamps in the trees

Light installation

Light Installation in the duck pond

Light Installation in the duck pond

Light Installation in the duck pond

Disco ball tree

Purple lights

Wellington can be really quite lovely sometimes, you know?

24 Photos.

1st A picture of you
New glasses!

2nd A picture of you at home.
This is how the rest of the night is remembered.

3rd A picture of you with friends.
Photobooths are the best

4th A picture of someone you admire.
Oh no wait, maybe this one is
(my Mama)

5th A picture of you that was taken last summer.

6th A picture of someone you love.
Beautiful boy

7th A favourite picture of you

8th A picture from an excellent evening.
Hallowpost: Weeping Angel

9th A picture of your room.
Saturday: flat viewing AND lease signing
I don’t actually have one.

10th A picture of your favourite animal.
I love stingrays.

11th A picture of your future dreams.
Sunday: Beautiful buildings in Hampstead Heath

12th A picture of someone you miss.
Kat and Dave

13th A picture of some of your favorite things.
Friday: Red Wine and waiting on Laura

14th A picture of you that you did not know that it was taken.
Grumpy cats! (Photo blatantly stolen from @vitamink)

15th A picture of one of your favorite quotes.

16th A picture of you as a child.
Me and Mary, Queen of Scots

17th A picture of you as a teenager.
Sarah-Rose and Craig. Babysize!
I was 16! We had been dating two weeks!

18th A picture of your family.
Trying to get a family shot
Just missing Mama.

19th A picture of you today.
Getting my tatts out at work. Doesn't happen often.

20th A picture of your wish list this year.
I asked for running gear. Who the fuck am I?

21st A picture of you when you are sad.
Gawsh. That song just gets me every damn time.

22nd A picture of you when you are happy.
Blisteringly happy right now. Can you tell?

23rd A photo that best describes your mood today.
Monday: coffee with Amy

24th A photo from a previous Christmas.
Christmas 2010


Kusama decorations

Just last friday the lovely Kate threw a party at the lovely Jo‘s house. Kate loves Yayoi Kusama almost as much (perhaps more!) than I so her polka dot theme? Was the most amazing thing ever.
Jo has kept the polka dots up in her hallway in what I think was a master stroke.

We all went in on helium balloons for Kate

A cat called Sebastian

Fancy bitch Kate with Stacey and Kim

How cute is Laura?

Tim, Fiona, Tom

Mika and Tim

Jason and Kate. Too fucking cute

Oh and, best of all, Kate’s husband Jason set up a Photo Booth

Jason set up a Photo Booth

It was hella fun.

Polkabooth stripPolkabooth strip

Polkabooth stripPolkabooth strip

366 in 2012

366 in 2012

Sunday: Flowers from Coley
Beautiful flowers from a friend.

Monday: Fashion gumboots
I wish I could justify spending $75 on a pair of gumboots.

Tuesday: rain soaked streets
The weather has not been all that lovely this week.

Wednesday: this is a workday afternoon
Telephone and an energy drink. This is a quiet afternoon at work.

Thursday: beautiful clouds
Pink clouds and a glowing building.

Friday: freezing morning
A freezing morning with ominous clouds.

Saturday: cake for mama
Baking a lemon-vanilla cake for my Mama’s birthday.


Purple hair

The Luckiest. Shooting Aly & Arthur’s wedding


I almost died when I got an email from Aly asking me to take photos at her wedding; such was the speed at which my heart leapt into my throat.

As someone with terrible terrible wedding photos (taken by an amateur) the last thing I wanted was to do the same for her.

But Aly, being the amazing friend she is, talked me down off the ledge – it was their second ceremony, she had photos from the Canadian wedding but still wanted to remember the British wedding etc etc etc.

I think the photos came out pretty well. If I do say so myself




(it helps that Aly is just beautiful)





(their page, wearing his “office t-shirt” did NOT want photos taken)


(it was also freezing cold and pouring with rain)





Saturday: Arthur and Aly's wedding

It was such a pleasure, a privilege to shoot Aly & Arthur’s wedding.

Before this, the last time I saw Aly was in 2008, and she was trying to decide whether to reply to this guy, Arthur, who she’d been texting. I was one of the many who told her to give it a go – you never know what might happen.