Snow snow snow & a day trip to Brighton

Craig and I woke up far too early this morning, looked out at the grey grey sky and thought it would be a lovely day to go to the seaside.
We decided to go to Brighton.
I was getting dressed & Craig was getting his breakfast when I noticed that it was snowing outside! Snowing!! I was very excited.
We still went to the seaside.



Snow on my hat!

On the way to Brighton

Brighton Beach Tat

Beached boat


Me at the Carousel.

Sean & Malcolm Carousel horse detail

A horse named Sarah



Brighton Pier

Free deckchairs!?! After Hyde Park in summer I was almost tempted.
Then I remembered that it was barely above freezing.
The Pier was still our first stop.


Disco ball weather vane??

Eerily fearless bird.

Rock Shop.

Guau Guau!

I’m always intrigued how other languages interpret the language of animals. Pretty sure britons use Woof though. Don’t know where Guau comes from.

Eek! Thrill Rides at Brighton Pier

Crazy Mouse & Booster.

Crazy Mouse? Booster? Walzter? Odd thrill ride names.


Spinny ride

These ones have tails. Carousel Horses

One of these things is not like the other ....

Craig ordering Doughnuts and Crepes.

Doughnuts made Fresh!

Freshly fried doughnuts.

My Crepe. Craig's Doughnuts


White Cliffs

Craig & his layers on Brighton Beach Chilly on Brighton beach

Brighton Pier

I really hope it wasn't rubbish.

Dick Van Dyke???

The sun came out as we wandered into the centre of town. It was still ever-so cold but all alley ways and quirky displays and buskers.

Adorable Easter Window Display


Brighton Pavillion Brighton Pavillion

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Shabtis in the floor at the Brighton Museum

It started snowing (sleeting? I am uncertain about the intricacies of frozen rain. But it wasn’t hail) as we left the museum/art gallery.
So we took our freezing selves (layers only last so long) to a burger place for lunch then hiked back up to the train station & took our Brighton Rock back to London.

Brighton Rock! Brighton Rock!

Brighton Rock!

London looked beautiful. The snow didn’t stick at all.

Blackfriars & the Tate Modern at Magic Hour