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Approaching the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbour
27 August 2008

Approaching the memorial

The Memorial marks the resting place of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors killed on the USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Approaching the Memorial

The memorial was dedicated in 1962 and is visited by more than one million people annually, and it spans the sunken hull of the battleship without touching it.


To the Memory of the Gallant Men here entombed.

New names

The survivors can choose to be interred with their shipmates.


Looking out over the Wreckage.

USS Arizona


Red, white, and blue at the Arizona Memorial



Snorkelling in Hawaii

My firrrrrrrst ever iMovie project. You can probably tell.

In Hawaii we …

Went snorkelling. For three hours. I spent …. the entire time in the water. Because I love snorkelling. And my underwater camera.

However, I DO NOT like it when the people on the boat throw bread (or in this case, Animal Crackers) into the water around the snorkellers (is that a word? today I don’t care) making the fish* swarm. THAT IS TERRIFYING. And is how I got bitten when we were in Thailand. Apparently I am as pale as white bread. But paler than Animal Crackers so while I was terrified this time (swimming curled up like a ball, trying to not touch the fish, is REALLY HARD) I did not get partially eaten.

Ariel Hair

Ariel Hair


Waikiki, pre-7am.


Diamondhead. The Volcano.

Craig and I, pre-snorkelling



Surfboards and Palm trees

Outrigger snorkelling

And here, for Leah’s viewing pleasure, are some underwater photos.


Underwater with Ariel hair Smiling


I turned around in the water jumped about a foot and squealed then without zooming in on my camera at all took this photo:


Have I mentioned that I love turtles? Turtles and squirrels and hedgehogs, oh my.

Turtle diving

Turtle just below the surface

I love underwater cameras

Turtle! Looooove turtles

Stranger and the fish

Craig and the fish*


Sigh. I loved it. It wasn’t quite scuba but it was a third of the price and I was so so close to the turtles. I loved it.
While we were in the water some dolphins came to check us out. I only glimpsed them off in the distance but the noise they made felt like it was coming from inside my head, it was annoying and painful in that ears-popped kind of way. Horrible.

Once we got back on the boat we sailed around for a little bit on our way back to the island. We passed a boat made out of rubbish that had sailed from California to Hawaii.

Rubbish Boat!

It is actually made out of rubbish. The guy waved.

Darling dear and I


On the way back to shore we were joined by a whole pod of dolphins.



The flash of white is a baby dolphin. It was spinning around in the water.

And. I realised that my husband is awesome.


Totally Awesome.

My husband is AWESOME

And hilarious.

Surfers and Diamondhead

*Fish not fishes as I only really saw one type of fish.

Oh and I also have underwater videos! Which is the perfect excuse for me to finally work out how to use something on my macbook other than Photobooth. Herm.

In Hawaii we …

Arrived in Hawaii at 10am and at our hotel at midday. The check-in time was 3pm. And our room wasn’t ready. Damn.

Craig waiting for the hotel room

Too warm and exhausted

We had to wander around Waikiki wearing the clothes we’d had on since Auckland and Winter. You may have been able to tell by the photo of me up there. Exhausted and too too hot. I was wearing closed toe shoes!

By the time we got to our hotel room we were basically ready to worship the air conditioning unit. Love You Air Con. But after that we braved the cotton wool air on the balcony to see our “view”.

To the right …

Ick view. To the Right

Ugh. Not nice. And straight across was just as bad.

To the left …

Ocean view! to the Left

Ocean. So exciting.

And so, on our very first afternoon in Hawaii, we walked the less-than-half-a-block to the ocean and Craig rushed off into the water while I sat on the towel and acclimatised. Damn vampiric tendencies.
Craig then rushed back.

Craig's cut


So back to the room it was.

Exhausted and warm

Despite that … Craig and I ended the day by sitting close together on the sand, under a palm tree and the stars, watching Surf’s Up.

Surf's Up on the shore


p.s. This was actually a holiday! Like … slept in and relaxed the whole time holiday. Craig went surfing and I sat under a tree and read. But then we went snorkeling! and I talked to a turtle! (or rather, shrieked at it while I backpedaled because it was really freaking close) and I took photos then.

So tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow I will show you underwater photos and my Ariel hair.
I didn’t wash it the entire time in Hawaii. It dried into salt crusted waves and I loved it. While I was in Hawaii I loved it.



Quick Quiz!

Craig is:
A) Dead
B) Bored
C) Really Really Bored
D) All of the above.

Uhh, thankfully Craig is only bored. Today we have to become master procrastinate-rs. Our check out time was midday & our flight from Honolulu to LA is at 10 tonight. AGONY. We have wandered as far as the heat would allow us, and back. We stopped in every second ABC store (general stores with drinks & tacky souvenirs) simply because they had air conditioning. We spent an hour in Starbucks writing postcards & have been parked in our hotel lobby since 5. Our airport shuttle is at 6:45. AGONY.
The 5 hour flight to LA bends time & we arrive at 6am. And then?? Our flight to London leaves at 4:30pm. SO MUCH FUN. Have I mentioned that I LOVE wasting time in airports? Cause I DON'T.
Thank everything that London & my black hole sister will be at the other end. And our darling flatmate is stocking the fridge with M&S hummus for us. Mmmmm.

I might be overreacting a liiiittle about how much I hate waiting around (unlike me, I know), I mean, I'm sure that it's better than being hobbled. Or death. Even though it feels a little like death.
I. Am. Sidetracked.

I'm trying to say that I've loved Hawaii. So much so that floating with Craig in the sea this morning I may have suggested moving here.
More than once. Though, honestly? I couldn't handle the heat. It's fine when you can escape to the sea whenever you like but I can barely function.
I am so glad that I've enjoyed something which was such a Craig thing.
He has surfed & gone brown while I loved snorkelling but wore SPF 70 sunscreen religiously*.
Our hotel could not have been in a better position (Park Shore Waikiki. Love!) at less than a block from the beach. The restaurant on level 2 doesn't have glass in the windows & looks out over the beach.
We sat & watched a pink to purple sunset as we had dinner.
The first night we were here we curled together under the stars & watched Surf's Up on a screen set up on the beach.

Oh and I am deeply in love with my underwater camera. Photos will be posted if we make it to London without dying of bordom.

P.s. Peanut Butter M&Ms make my life a little more complete. Craig, family, cameras, the Oxford Comma, & Peanut Butter M&Ms.

*I still got sunburned. Only I could get burned THROUGH SPF70. I am almost proud of myself. In pain, but proud.