Radio Silence

My leg, @simonerl flash, stabbed by @richardwarnocktattoo at @twohandstattoo (photo by Richard as well) #witchlife #feeshlifeStabbed by the fab @richardwarnocktattoo today

Oh hi there
I know I’ve been tremendously lax with updating with much of anything of any substance (last weekend my own mother told me she doesn’t bother checking this site anymore – the outrage!) but believe me when I say I have every single excuse under the sun.

I took the loophole days of leave (3 days holiday pay for 10 days off in a row, thanks Jesus, thanks ANZACs) and despite having ten whole days off work I really don’t feel like I’ve had any kind of holiday. I spent the first three days packing my things in the slowest manner possible, the next day in a flurry of shifting and unpacking, then immediately flew to Auckland for two nights and a lot of wandering the city, and then back for a grey and rainy weekend in Wellington.
I mean, really. What does it take for me to relax? Longer than three days it seems.

But yes, I’ve moved house. I now live in a wee flat, still in Wellington, with flatmates and a wonky eared cat. It’s pretty excellent. I’m quite pleased.
I get to live with one of my favourite people.

I have also managed to lose the cable for my camera. I am still taking a photo each and every day, but I can’t share them just quite yet. Infuriating. I’m sure I packed it somewhere sensible in the move and then unpacked it somewhere equally sensible but can I find it? Of course I bloody can’t.

One of the absolute worst things? I took a million photos of cats at the SPCA a couple of weeks ago and all those photos are trapped on my camera too. I was going to show you cat faces!

Next time. If I find that damned cord.

First scarf day of 2014 #winterNew name necklace #sarahrose #cultofpersonality
We went adventuringThis girl though  #latergram


Oh, Life

Celebrating homeownership

Last Wednesday Craig and I got the keys to our apartment. We spent that night in our all-but empty rooms with friends and a lot of bubbly wine.

Over the weekend we shifted everything we own from one side of Wellington city to the other. It was my Dad’s birthday and still, when we were left helpless* he and my mum and the sister who wasn’t busy dropped everything to help us.

I’m pretty sure it was Sunday around 3pm when I said to Craig “we really need to vacuum.” We still need to vacuum. Life has been extraordinarily busy this week.

Ill on Monday night, out on Tuesday, out on Wednesday, out on Thursday** … I am not sure when I’ll ever have the chance to get around to that vacuuming.

Saturday: Craig at Auckland Art Gallery

This guy turns 30 today. THIRTY. He remains one of my absolute favourites. My taller and hairier other half. The calm to my crazy. He was 17 when we started dating and I’m hoping I keep on with this pattern of loving and liking him more each year than the one before. It’s pretty damn perfect.

His parents are coming into town this weekend for his birthday party*** and, of course, to see our apartment.
We had better get onto that vacuuming.

We have a ladybird family living in our windows!
(we have ladybirds living in our windowframes! I’m taking this as a good omen)

* friends caught out by the 48 hours film festival, Craig’s general hatred of using movers, my bufty but not THAT bufty arms … all factors leading to helplessness.

** I’m writing this in the time between finishing work and leaving for my Dad’s (and Craig’s) birthday pub crawl (rather, a craft beer tour)

***I’ve come up with the best most ridiculous birthday surprise ever and I can’t wait for him to see it. I’ll tell you all about it after the fact.

Grown Ups?

It was at a work party just before Christmas last year when a girl I know was telling me about how had just bought an apartment – her first home.
All of a sudden buying a house seemed a lot less terrifying. I mean, buying an apartment seemed a lot less terrifying.

It also made sense, economically, we’d pay a wee bit more in mortgage than in rent but we’d be able to pay off a debt which in turn would allow us to save more on a monthly basis than we had been. So if we do decide to go travelling again, to move overseas, there’ll be some money with which to buy flights and, you know, live on.

Just like that Craig and I spent the next few months heading from open home to open home.
Last week we went unconditional on a wee art-deco flat in Wellington. If everything goes to plan the settlement date is less than two weeks away and just a couple of days after that? Craig and I will be living in our own (gulp) home.









Don’t worry. There are still no babies on the horizon. Fingers crossed.

This is most frustrating

This is most frustrating.

I had wanted to post my regular 365 in 2013 photos and also tell you about changing my job and, you know, BUYING A HOUSE, but Flickr decided to lock me out of my account for 12 hours.

So you will have to wait. I’m sorry. Here I am surprising you with buying a house and then … nothing.

Well. Not quite nothing.
Please enjoy these instagram photos of our new apartment.


(I pretty much wandered through open homes asking myself “but is this place instagrammable enough?”)


The Last CommuteThis morning's commute
the last commute vs the first commute

This weekend just past, the one right behind you, Craig and I packed up [most of] Park Place and shifted ourselves and our mountains of odds and ends to the Wondapartment in Wellington.

It looks small, Park Place, without our things in it.

It was a lovely house and it served us well for near on two years. I will miss running up and down the three storeys. I will miss having a room dedicated to books. I will miss the verdant views.

My tolerance for all creatures scuttle-y has increased with two years living in the bush. I (and my husband) will remain eternally grateful for this. Now when I screech about an insect in the bathroom it is with an air of LOOK WHAT HAS BEEN LIVING IN THIS HOUSE ALL THIS TIME AND WE HAD NO IDEA. Not with an air of SAVE ME SAVE ME SAVE ME.

Sidenote: an entire shelf of our pantry was ceded to the spiders. It was too high for me to reach anyway and they just hung out and made it all web-y*.

But the city, the city – how it called to me..

Loving on mustard lace today.Nearly empty wardrobe

This morning, or perhaps it was last night, either way it was in the hours when reaching over to check the time seems like an insurmountable effort, I was woken by a nearby bar playing, at volume, WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH A DRUNKEN SAILOR. Take him home and put him to bed I thought as I turned the pillow to the cool side and slipped back to sleep.

Later this morning, I left the wondapartment. Craig was still brushing his teeth. I stepped out onto a quiet city street. I cut across to the coffee shop on the corner and ordered a long black to go. By the time I had my steaming coffee in my hand, I had my husband outside the door for our new commute.

Craig and I wandered along the waterfront to work – sun on our faces and seabreeze in the air – considered the Rugby World Cup Fanzone and the seal on the rocks (we couldn’t see him) and the utter beauty of the morning.

We live two minutes walk from, what seems like, everything.

Yes, the wondapartment is small**, & it is a little noisy, but that is a small price.
I can’t wait to continue on with the living there.

Boxes boxes everywhereIt looks lived in already.

City girl

* I realise that all of this SOUNDS like I am complaining, but I’m really not! Park Place was wonderful. And full of insects.
** I managed to get rid of a lot. But there is still just SO MUCH everywhere. I think the downsizing will continue.

Christmas at Park Place, 2010

Peace on Earth. Favourite card

Bunny Statuette from Etsy

Friday: Berries for Summer Xmas

Glow in the dark Skull

Mousse version 2

Lights at Night

I am officially on holiday. For a month.
I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with myself.
I’m hoping to make a dent in the books-to-read pile which has been teeteringly tall for the better part of the year. I’m hoping to get sand between my toes and salt water in my hair – covered, as always, in 70+ sunscreen (yes, seriously).

Craig and I are headed to Pauanui which I hear is a beach, and then to Hawaii, which I know is a beach.
Who am I? This yen for sun and sea is completely unlike me.
But I’m not going to argue. It’ll make Craig happy.

Before then however there is Christmas.

Tonight the family are massing at Park Place for desserts and Christmas movies.
There is chocolate mousse with crushed candy cane topping, chocolate-peppermint cupcakes, and oodles of fresh berries.
There is Elf, Love Actually, and While You Were Sleeping.

And a lot of wine.

Park Place Vignettes: Nightmare Edition

Huge House Spider

This spider was in our house. IN OUR HOUSE.
It made me stop short & say in a VERY SERIOUS VOICE Jesus H. Christ which of course panicked Craig just a little.

Huge House Spider

It is officially the biggest spider I have ever seen in New Zealand & in our house.
(I have seen bigger spiders – in Tahiti, Thailand, & Australia)
Also? that’s a large pen. Not, say, a biro..

Huge House Spider

I took the photos then allowed Craig to kill it. When I vacuumed it up later, it was large enough to clatter up the hose.

p.s. apologies to arachnophobes!
p.p.s. I hate them too. I promise. The photos are something like … watching a horror movie for me. Brrr.