Christmas at Park Place, 2010

Peace on Earth. Favourite card

Bunny Statuette from Etsy

Friday: Berries for Summer Xmas

Glow in the dark Skull

Mousse version 2

Lights at Night

I am officially on holiday. For a month.
I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with myself.
I’m hoping to make a dent in the books-to-read pile which has been teeteringly tall for the better part of the year. I’m hoping to get sand between my toes and salt water in my hair – covered, as always, in 70+ sunscreen (yes, seriously).

Craig and I are headed to Pauanui which I hear is a beach, and then to Hawaii, which I know is a beach.
Who am I? This yen for sun and sea is completely unlike me.
But I’m not going to argue. It’ll make Craig happy.

Before then however there is Christmas.

Tonight the family are massing at Park Place for desserts and Christmas movies.
There is chocolate mousse with crushed candy cane topping, chocolate-peppermint cupcakes, and oodles of fresh berries.
There is Elf, Love Actually, and While You Were Sleeping.

And a lot of wine.


Park Place Vignettes: Nightmare Edition

Huge House Spider

This spider was in our house. IN OUR HOUSE.
It made me stop short & say in a VERY SERIOUS VOICE Jesus H. Christ which of course panicked Craig just a little.

Huge House Spider

It is officially the biggest spider I have ever seen in New Zealand & in our house.
(I have seen bigger spiders – in Tahiti, Thailand, & Australia)
Also? that’s a large pen. Not, say, a biro..

Huge House Spider

I took the photos then allowed Craig to kill it. When I vacuumed it up later, it was large enough to clatter up the hose.

p.s. apologies to arachnophobes!
p.p.s. I hate them too. I promise. The photos are something like … watching a horror movie for me. Brrr.