The Last CommuteThis morning's commute
the last commute vs the first commute

This weekend just past, the one right behind you, Craig and I packed up [most of] Park Place and shifted ourselves and our mountains of odds and ends to the Wondapartment in Wellington.

It looks small, Park Place, without our things in it.

It was a lovely house and it served us well for near on two years. I will miss running up and down the three storeys. I will miss having a room dedicated to books. I will miss the verdant views.

My tolerance for all creatures scuttle-y has increased with two years living in the bush. I (and my husband) will remain eternally grateful for this. Now when I screech about an insect in the bathroom it is with an air of LOOK WHAT HAS BEEN LIVING IN THIS HOUSE ALL THIS TIME AND WE HAD NO IDEA. Not with an air of SAVE ME SAVE ME SAVE ME.

Sidenote: an entire shelf of our pantry was ceded to the spiders. It was too high for me to reach anyway and they just hung out and made it all web-y*.

But the city, the city – how it called to me..

Loving on mustard lace today.Nearly empty wardrobe

This morning, or perhaps it was last night, either way it was in the hours when reaching over to check the time seems like an insurmountable effort, I was woken by a nearby bar playing, at volume, WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH A DRUNKEN SAILOR. Take him home and put him to bed I thought as I turned the pillow to the cool side and slipped back to sleep.

Later this morning, I left the wondapartment. Craig was still brushing his teeth. I stepped out onto a quiet city street. I cut across to the coffee shop on the corner and ordered a long black to go. By the time I had my steaming coffee in my hand, I had my husband outside the door for our new commute.

Craig and I wandered along the waterfront to work – sun on our faces and seabreeze in the air – considered the Rugby World Cup Fanzone and the seal on the rocks (we couldn’t see him) and the utter beauty of the morning.

We live two minutes walk from, what seems like, everything.

Yes, the wondapartment is small**, & it is a little noisy, but that is a small price.
I can’t wait to continue on with the living there.

Boxes boxes everywhereIt looks lived in already.

City girl

* I realise that all of this SOUNDS like I am complaining, but I’m really not! Park Place was wonderful. And full of insects.
** I managed to get rid of a lot. But there is still just SO MUCH everywhere. I think the downsizing will continue.